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  • 百叶-防砂&防水

百叶-防砂&防水 EN 13181 和EN 13030

BSRIA offers manufacturers of independent performance testing of weather louvres both rain resistant and sand trap louvres to the European standards.

• Sand rejection to EN 13181
• Rain penetration to EN 13030

The tests are based on the methods that simulates real-life operating conditions that a louver will undergo when installed.

The rejection performance can be established over a wide range of conditions using simulated wind speed, water or sand and ventilation rates.

Sand trap louvres testing to EN 13181

For testing the performance of sand trap louvres used in desert-like conditions and designed for removal of sand while allowing air flow into a building, BSRIA offers:

• Pre-test of sand distribution
• Sand rejection effectiveness
• Air entry loss coefficient / pressure loss
• Fine and coarse sand or any type depending on a project specification

Rain and air flow tests for storm louvers to EN 13030:

• Water penetration test
• Air discharge and entry loss coefficient / pressure loss