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  • 冷水机组


测试冷水机组的性能- 任何冷量的

Chillers represent a substantial capital investment and can be a main contributor to the operating costs in commercial buildings. These systems are the largest energy users, and it is critical to ensure their efficiency matches the project specific requirements before installing them on site.


• thermal performance testing of any capacity chillers
• full or part load testing under different conditons
• measuring power consumption, cooling capacity, and other
• in cooling and heating mode.


• in a BSRIA standard test facility
• in a purpose built facility for large capacity chillers
• on site witness testing
• Air cooled up to 100kW
• Water cooled up to 200kW
• Large capacity chillers for specific project applications up to 1.2 MegaWatts

Where previously, the testing of large chillers was only available in the US, the test facility at BSRIA now offers manufacturers and clients to have the testing done in the UK enabling the whole project team to work together to achieve the objectives.