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  • 空调和热泵


UKAS 认证测试

BSRIA 是UKAS认证实验室,可以为空调,水地源热泵和空气源热泵产品执行 EN 14511测试。 UKAS是国际认可的认证,这增加了我们的权威性,同时也为您的产品增值。

• 热性能
• 声学测试
• 安全性和振动测试
• 产品开发

为补贴和质量计划测试达到 EN14511 和 EN 16147 标准

UK MCS Microgeneration & certification scheme
UK ECA Carbon Trust energy technology list
Ireland - SEI; Greener Homes Scheme (GHS), HARP
EHPA European Quality Label
SAP Appendix Q


• Testing to EN 14511 for CoP and rating
• Testing to EN 16147 of hot water heat pumps
• Seasonal Energy Efficiency SEER and part-load tests to EN 14825
• For incentive / quality schemes
• On-site witness testing and test facility development 

.. with fast turn around, expert advice and internationally recognised reports for:

• Air to air / air conditioners splits and multi-splits
• Air to water
• Water / brine to water / groundsource heat pumps 
• Air cooled condensing units
• Water to air
• Domestic, commercial, and swimming pool water heaters
• Ground source and air source heat pumps


Acoustic testing is a requirement of the EN 14511 standard and some incentive schemes. BSRIA offers:

• Acoustic testing to EN 12102:2008, ISO 3741 and ISO 3743 / 3744
• Simultaneous testing of thermal and acoustic performance
• Vibration testing
• Product development


Chillers are tested under simulated real-life site conditions or as specified by a client:

• in a BSRIA standard test facility
• in a purpose built facility for large capacity chillers
• on site witness testing
• Air cooled up to 100kW
• Water cooled up to 200kW
• Large capacity chillers for specific project applications up to 1.2 MegaWatts