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  • 北美市场容量研究报告


The North American Market 2010 for Intelligent and Integrated Building Technologies

This report, carried out between June-December 2009 and published in April 2010 was conducted by BSRIA Proplan on behalf of the Continental Automated Building Association (CABA) and was sponsored by 26 world class organizations.

These companies helped to shape the focus of the study and, together with other leading players in the market, provided data and valuable insight that contributed to the findings of this comprehensive and vital study. Building service application areas are coming closer together through Integration and Convergence into total holistic solutions. This study provides a detailed assessment of the current and future markets around intelligence in non-residential buildings in North America. The emphasis is on a quantitative assessment of the market, supported by qualitative description and explanation. In addition to sizing the principle markets by application, the study evaluates the size of the market for integrated and IT-converged solutions. The scope of the study comprises the following individual reports, each of which are available individually or as a combined package.

  • Convergence
  • Environmental Controls
  • Lighting Controls
  • Security Systems (Access Controls, CCTV/Video Surveillance, Intruder Alarms)
  • Fire Detection Systems

With the exception of the Convergence report, which has a unique structure, each of the application reports (Environmental Controls, Lighting, Security, Fire) is based on the same structure as our regular in-depth market studies. This structure has been developed over many years to provide a comprehensive analysis of the market. In this way, each report shows the status quo within the market in terms of size and segmentation by product and installed systems, the players, how the market works, routes to market, opportunities for growth and growth forecast. It also shows the market for integration, of each application with other applications, and within specific vertical markets by building end use.

Key Findings

Despite the recessed economy, credit squeeze, depressed construction market and building vacancies, the intelligent building markets have outperformed. Refurbishment and renovation work has been more robust and the maintenance market has proven the most recession-proof. All of these markets performed strongly up until the economic downturn and all will return to rebound in the near future.

Environmental (HVAC) Building Controls

There is increasing growth in Corporate Social Responsibility and companies are realising that they must adapt themselves to meet the expectations of energy efficiency and low carbon footprints. Building automation companies will compete in applying building automation systems to tackle climate change issues. Manufacturers and systems integrators need to obtain and disseminate both controls and IT knowledge in this dynamic new world.

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls offer great savings potential and there is a big market potential. There is consolidation in the market as companies maneuver to provide total lighting solutions and more integration. Whilst LED lighting is an exciting and rapidly growing market, intelligent control systems will still be required for better efficiency and optimal comfort.

Security Systems

CCTV / Video surveillance are setting the pace of the security market, followed by access controls and then intruder alarm systems. There is a strong movement towards IP systems and integration of security systems.

Fire Detection and Alarm

This is a robust and growing market which is both driven and constrained by its codes & regulations. Demand for better evacuation solutions will drive integration of a yet nascent mass notification / voice evacuation market.

Vertical Markets

Driven strongly by government stimulus investment, the study identified that the top performing vertical markets in North America have been Education, Offices, Central / Local Government, Health. Other vertical markets covered by the study are: Banking/ Finance/ Insurance, Hotels/ Catering, Retail, Entertain/ Leisure, Transport Buildings, Other Commercial, Other Public, High Tech Industry, Life Science, Industrial Assembly, Communications & Computers, Warehouses and Other Industrial High End Multi-Occupancy Residential.

Open Communication Standards

This study reveals the impact that open communication standards are having on integration of systems and measures the share taken by the most popular of these, as well as the share still held by proprietary protocols. It measures the penetration of IP based systems and contrasts the development between the different application areas.

Smart Grid

There is much talk about Smart Grid, Smart cities and Smart communities - intelligent electricity systems that connect all supply grid (utilities) and demand elements (end-users) through an intelligent communication system. Our study summarizes the current status quo, where several projects are being carried out. Many electricity utilities have been held back because of the way they are regulated. However, more progressive electricity utilities have found a way of investing in the Smart Grid based on savings from energy reduction. This study assesses the status and impact on the intelligent controls market.

Integration and Convergence

Whereas integration is the adding of value by joining or linking different building service products/applications, convergence can best be described as the bringing together of autonomous systems onto a common communication platform within the business enterprise to create a single unified solution. Our investigations revealed that there is IT convergence, typically over an Ethernet IP network, as well as convergence over a BMS network. Therefore, this study investigates and measures the incidence of both types and forecasts the future trend. The report also measures for each of the subjects (Environmental Controls, Lighting controls, CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion, Fire and Safety) the value of systems that are: Standalone, Integrated, Converged (IT) and finally Converged (BMS).

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