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Convergence: The World Market 2010 Proposal

Purpose of the study

Building service application areas such as Building Management Systems (Environmental Controls, Lighting Controls), Access Controls, CCTV/Video Surveillance, and Intruder Alarms are coming closer together through Integration and Convergence into total holistic solutions. Whereas each of our specific product/application studies assesses integration of systems within their respective domains, they are limited on what they report on convergence of different systems over a common communication platform.


Integration: Adding value by joining or linking different building service products / applications. However nearly all integrated solutions are also converged, at least at management level, many also at control level.

Convergence content

This market study will provide a top-level sizing of the World market for Convergence in Buildings. Drawing on the status of Convergence in 12 of the world's most important building markets and highlighting the unique characteristics of any of these, it will report on the market for Convergence in 4 principal regions.

For each of these it will identify:

  • What services are typically converged and to what extent
  • Are the services on a separate infrastructure (Ethernet) or on the IT network
  • What is driving convergence
  • The barriers
  • Who is driving it
  • The IT suppliers' role in this market place
  • Who undertakes the installation of the converged offerings

Detailed scope of the study / report template

Subject scope

The scope of this study is Convergence in non-residential buildings. Below, we provide examples of the main aspects of the market the study will address. In some instances, more granularities of the data will be provided where this is available.

  • The 2010 percentage split by value of sales, of the market for building services by installation practice (e.g. as 1. stand alone systems, 2. integrated only, 3. converged (IT), 4. converged (BMS), for each of the applications of Building Management Systems (Environmental Controls), Access Controls, CCTV/Video Surveillance, Intruder Alarms, Lighting Controls.
  • The 2010 Market size (product plus labour) in million US$ for each application area (Building Management Systems, CCTV/Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intruder Alarms)